L.O.C.A.L. Mission

(Loving Our Community And Lord)

Are you looking for a way to contribute toward the Whidbey Presbyterian mission statement? "To serve our community with the good news of Jesus Christ and the transforming love of God, through the Holy Spirit."

LOCAL Mission is one way you can demonstrate the love of God through service to others. We connect members of the church with people in the community who need help with short-term projects. Think you don't have skills that are useful to others? Think again! You might be surprised how something you can do, like climb a ladder or read an insurance document, would be valued by someone who can't do that. There's something powerful that happens when we can connect our faith with the needs of our community. 

Ways You Can Help

1. Be aware of needs in your neighborhood, and bring them to the attention of the LOCAL Mission Coordinators by emailing wpclocalmission@gmail.com or call the church office at 360-679-3579.

2. Volunteer for a need that is announced by a coordinator.

3. Pray that we create a church climate that spawns truly helpful, transformational service projects initiated by our own people as we rub shoulders with and notice the needs of people in our own community.


We want to give Whidbey Presbyterian Church and their crew of volunteers a huge thank you for all their hard work during our training/maintenance week August 28-31st. They came out and painted our modular building making it look brand new! This team was amazing, cheerful and worked very hard in the heat! What a testimony to what a servant heart is and how to help your community! We were truly blessed by these people, their cheerfulness, servant hood and work ethic!